Monday, 28 February 2011

Posting again

So, obviously I haven't been doing the best that I can lately.

On Sunday, I went to the gym early in the morning and got a quick mile in. It took me 9:45, which I thought was pretty good.

Today, I had some housework to do, so I figured that I would go to the gym at 10pm, since its open 24hrs. Sounds like a perfect plan, right? Well, in addition to coughing up a fucking lung, I had a ridiculous nosebleed about 30 minutes before the end of my shift. There was no way I was running tonight, marathon or not.

I know that it sounds like I'm making excuses, but I've seriously come down with a horrible cold. Its making me next to useless. Tomorrow I don't work, so I am going to do my best to go to the gym to at least run one mile.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

So I'm going to make this as short as possible.

I didn't do my workout today. I went to the mall instead. /shame

I'm going at 9am tomorrow! I swear!

Friday, 25 February 2011

Woke up with no voice.

Today,  I woke up, and I could barely get the words coming out of my mouth to sound like anything other than scratchy garbles.

Immediately I grabbed the NeoCitran (again) and a Halls. By lunchtime I was feeling better so I went out to scheme some schemes for my upcoming LARP. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I got distracted by Magic the Gathering and also ginger beef.... So, I didn't end up getting any scheming done.... It was pretty awesome though.

Either way, I still have a sore throat, and I am still not going to go to Body Pump today. It just isn't going to happen. I did get my camera out and take some pictures though! Coming soon to a blog near you!!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Day 3!

Distance ran: 2 miles
Time taken: 20:46

I totally forgot my camera today. Sorry guys.

Anyway, TODAY I IMPROVED MY PACE AND MY DISTANCE! Improving both gave me a huge boost in confidence, especially considering I didn't even do my run until 7pm, so I was tired from work.

Then, I got home, and showed my roomate the hemp protein powder I purchased today. We immediately tested it out in a blueberry smoothie. I enjoyed it immensely, but she didn't. I guess it doesn't matter though, because it is mine. Then dinner... Oh my goodness. We had lamb side ribs smothered in a tandoori sauce, and also pasta. It was literally amazing.

I'm so high on all my achievements in the past few days, and also all of the great food that I just ate. I am going to rule the world.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Rest Day.

I'm pretty sure I promised Jasper I would update even on my rest days.

Today is day two of my training, but I won't be running. However, there are still changes to my regular day. I have to make sure I am drinking enough water, and also that I am eating enough. Also that I'm eating at proper intervals in the day. This is still a challenge for me. There is a whole grain muffin waiting for me in the kitchen, begging me to eat it for breakfast, but I still haven't managed to stuff it in my mouth.

Vitamin C remains in my daily plan until further notice.

Also, I have plans to start taking pictures and put them up here, to make it more interesting to look at. I am gonna take pictures of me, and of my shoes, etc... Also anything you guys wanna see...

Thats it for today,
<3 Jessica.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Distance run: 1.5 miles
Time taken: 17:09

So guys,

I'm finished my first run. It was 1.5 miles, just like I said I was going to do. I wanted to do it in 15 minutes or less, but I'm going to cut myself some slack here, because I've been feeling like absolute crap in the last 24 hours.... 13 of which I slept through.

It would seem like all the NeoCitran and vitamin C paid off though, because after a whole mile, I still felt great! I probably could have easily done two miles today, and I think I will do two on Thursday, instead of just 1.5

My roommate works at the gym that I go to, so she spotted me and convinced me to go out for lunch with her afterward. We went to an Indian place, and I proceeded to eat a ton of heavy food and basically obliterate that light workout feeling. Both of us had heard stellar reviews about this place, but I was very underwhelmed. The food came out lukewarm, and we had milk that wasn't quite chilled enough. Temperature was not a priority, evidently.

Also, it has come to my attention that I may be doing a lot of shifting around of my "master plan" just due to work schedules or whatever. Thankfully, it shouldn't be too much of an issue this week, but I'm also going to replace some of my shorter runs with speed intervals and... Well anyway, I think I'm getting ahead of myself.

Until next time,

Saturday, 19 February 2011

The Plan

Dun dun dun....

Here is my plan. It will begin on the 21st of Feb.

Week One
Feb 21 - Rest (Not my fault the program started with a rest day!)
Feb 22 - 1.5 miles
Feb 23 - Rest
Feb 24 - 1.5 miles
Feb 25 - Rest
Feb 26 - 2 miles
Feb 27 - 1.5 miles easy pace.

Week Two
Feb 28 - Rest
Mar 01 - 1.5 miles
Mar 02 - Rest
Mar 03 - 2 miles
Mar 04 - Rest
Mar 05 - 2.5 miles
Mar 06 - 2 miles easy pace.

Week Three
Mar 07 - Rest
Mar 08 - 2 miles
Mar 09 - Rest
Mar 10 - 2.5 miles
Mar 11 - Rest
Mar 12 - 3 miles (I'm gonna add that as of Feb 19th is basically the farthest I've ever gone without a walking break, to give you guys an idea of where I'm at now)
Mar 13 - 2 miles easy pace.

Week Four
Mar 14 - Rest
Mar 15 - 2 miles
Mar 16 - Rest
Mar 17 - 3 miles
Mar 18 - 30 - 45 mins cross training. (I am probably really going to miss the rest day.)
Mar 19 - 4 miles
Mar 20 - 2.5 miles easy pace.

Week Five
Mar 21 - Rest
Mar 22 - 2.5 miles
Mar 23 - 30 - 45 mins cross training.
Mar 24 - 3 miles.
Mar 25 - Rest
Mar 26 - 5 miles
Mar 27 - 2 miles easy pace.

Week Six
Mar 28 - Rest
Mar 29 - 3 miles
Mar 30 - 30 - 45 mins cross training
Mar 31- 4 miles
Apr 01 - Rest
Apr 02 - 6 miles
Apr 03 - 3 miles easy pace.

Week Seven
Apr 04 - Rest
Apr 05 - 3 miles
Apr 06 - 30 - 45 mins cross training
Apr 07 - 3 miles
Apr 08 - Rest
Apr 09 - 7 miles
Apr 10 - 3 miles easy pace. WE ARE HALFWAY THERE NOW!

Week Eight
Apr 11 - Rest
Apr 12 - 4 miles
Apr 13 - 30 - 45 mins cross training
Apr 14 - 4 miles
Apr 15 - Rest
Apr 16 - 8 miles
Apr 17 - 3 miles easy pace

Week Nine
Apr 18 - Rest
Apr 19 - 4 miles
Apr 20 - Rest
Apr 21 - 4 miles
Apr 22 - 30 - 45 mins cross training
Apr 23 - 9 miles
Apr 24 - 3 miles easy pace. (May switch this with my rest day)

Week Ten
Apr 25 - Rest
Apr 26 - 4 miles
Apr 27 - 30 - 45 mins cross training
Apr 28 - 3 miles
Apr 29 - Rest
Apr 30 - 10 miles. Double digit miles. OMG. 16k you guys.
May 01 - 3 miles easy pace.

Week Eleven
May 02 - Rest
May 03 - 5 miles
May 04 - 30 -45 mins cross training
May 05 -  4 miles
May 06 - Rest
May 07 - 11 miles
May 08 - 3 miles easy pace

Week Twelve
May 09 - Rest
May 10 - 4 miles
May 11 - Rest
May 12 - 3 miles
May 13 - 30 - 45 mins cross training
May 14 - 12 miles
May 15 - 3 miles easy pace

Week Thirteen
May 16 - Rest
May 17 - 30 - 45 mins cross training (Mom's birthday, may switch with rest)
May 18 - Rest
May 19 - 3 miles
May 20 - 30 - 45 mins cross training
May 21 - 5 miles
May 22 - 2.5 miles easy pace

Week Fourteen, Week of the Race.
May 23 - Rest
May 24 - 2 miles
May 25  - 20 mins cross training
May 26 - Rest
May 27 - 20 mins cross training
May 28  - 1.5 miles
May 29 - Race

Before it begins...

So I've decided to do something stupid like train for a half marathon.

I will be doing it over the next 14 weeks, and because I'm a glutton for punishment, I've agreed to blog about it here.  I don't know how detailed my posts will be, but at least you guys will know that I'm actually keeping to it.

So here is to less party, more money, and more health!