Saturday, 19 March 2011

Just squealing in.

Distance run: 4 miles
Time taken: 44:24     

So, my goal today was to try to keep on pace with ten minutes a mile, but at the very worst, to get in under 45 minutes. I had to slow down to a walk more than once on this run. I blame dehydration. I've been finding it a huge challenge to drink the amount of water that I'm supposed to, and honestly, I didn't drink water at work today at all, only coffee.

I take this run as a success though. My goal is just to finish the half marathon after all, so time is less of an issue than completion.

The photo is of some of the goodies I'd mentioned in earlier posts.


  1. Stay hydrated. Being dehydrated is bad for you, especially if you wanna go out and party later.

  2. True that. No parties for probably until next payday though :(

  3. if you have a watch that beeps at you have it set so that it beeps at you every 45 minutes and when it beeps drink/eat.