Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Distance run: 2 miles
Time taken: 19:42!

I have run two miles or more a few times now, and I know that I can run it comfortably at a pace of just over ten minutes a mile. Today, I challenged myself to try to run the same two miles in under twenty minutes. As you can see by my distance and time, I achieved my goal. I was super zapped afterward though and had to go lay spread out on a mat instead of doing a recovery walk. I'm glad the gym wasn't busier!

Going over my older posts, I can see that I beat my old best time by a whole minute! This is big news for me because now I have no excuse to let my pace fall below 10:20 (my usual pace) for longer runs, and I will keep this in mind on Thursday when I run my 3 miles!

Tomorrow is a rest day for me, but I have decided to do some ab workouts 3 times a week, and I'm going to try to fit those in on my rest days. It is nothing serious, just some quickies, and it won't interfere with my running at all. In fact, it will likely make it better.

P.S: I didn't get a stitch today when I was running! This is a very good sign!

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