Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Back on track!

Distance run: 2.5 miles.
Time taken: 25:24

After a hiatus of about four days, I am still a little sick, but I am definitely feeling well enough to run. So, today after work, I hit the gym. I decided I had better run at least 2.5 miles because I lost so much time to being either sick, or lazy, or both.

I didn't get to the gym at the time I wanted to because I forgot my gym bag at work and had to run back for it, causing me to miss the bus. It was a whole half hour til the next bus, but it could have been an hour, so I guess I'm lucky.

The extra half mile felt so long! I was sweating a lot by the time it was over, and breathing hard. But, I did it once and I know that I could do it again. I am more than confident I will be able to make my 3 mile run in a few days, and then a 4 mile one the week after. 5 miles still seems a long way off for me, but I know that I won't have to do that for a couple weeks yet.

As a treat, I have gotten myself some chocolate peanut butter cookies,  and also a savoury croissant from a bakery across the street from where I work. This croissant is unreal. It has spinach and feta and sundried tomatoes, and the pastry is soooooo light and yummy. It is the ultimate motivator for me. I also picked one up for my roommate, who is currently at the gym finishing her run for the day.

She is just starting to train now, so I don't think she will be running quite as far as I did today, but will probably catch up to me in a week or so.

Tomorrow I work the same shift, so I'll probably go to the gym again tomorrow to run the same distance, but hopefully in less time!

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  1. Good job! I'm proud of you two for getting that exercise--stick to it, man!